Default paper size in Evince

Evince is a very useful part of the default Ubuntu installation. It's a viewer that's able to handle practically any type of document. However it has one small but persistent shortcoming: it automatically assumes that I will be using A4 size documents. Ordinarily not a problem with viewing, but another story when printing.

I've been bearing with this "feature" for the longest time, but really, enough is enough. I shouldn't have to reset my paper size every time I want to print something.

The solution, it turns out, is simple.

Apparently, Evince determines the paper size based on the locale. For some reason, it assumes that the Philippines uses primarily A4 paper. Nothing could be further from the truth: here, US Letter is king.

To get Evince to use another default paper size, you edit your ~/.profile file. This is where you put in custom settings.

At the end of the file, just add the following:

export LC_PAPER="en_US.UTF-8@letter"

Then, log out and log back in.

Fire up Evince, and voila! Default paper size is now US Letter.