Mobile Broadband Detection

A funny thing happened when I plugged in my old Nokia 6233i via the USB port of my new laptop: Ubuntu (Intrepid Ibex) automatically detected the phone as a mobile broadband connection.

A helpful balloon popped out on the side and asked me if I wanted to configure it automatically. Assenting to the proposal brought me to the Mobile Broadband setup wizard, shown in the succeeding screencaps.

However, since I don't travel much anymore and I have fixed broadband at home, I really don't care to use it anymore. Despite Smart's deceptive P10/30 minutes rate, I still ended up paying more than I cared to, probably because of the gateway charges that Smart slapped on me. (I really don't remember; it's been so long).

Still, some folks might find it useful, and that's why I'm posting the info here.

No, no, no. I refuse to try it.