Arguably one of the most popular posts on this blog, Converting Lit Files still gets comments up to this day, more than two years after I wrote it. Now, I haven't had much occasion to convert any more Microsoft format ebooks lately -- I'm reading more dead-tree versions, and because if I do use ebooks they tend to be either in plain-text or PDF format; however, several people have written in to put a word for convlit, so I thought I'd give it a mention all its own.

convlit basically simplifies everything I've posted about converting Lit files. Instead of the contortions I documented earlier, all you really need now is to just install one package. works.

Converting a book with convlit follows the basic format:

clit ebook-propietary.lit ebookdirectory\

(Take note, the executable is clit, not convlit.)

Easy, huh?

From the convlit help page:

ConvertLIT comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the COPYING file or visit "". This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. See the GPL license for details.

This program has three modes of operation: First, is ** EXPLOSION **, or the expanding of a .LIT file into an OEBPS compliant package.

To explode, you type: clit \

For Example:

clit ebook-propietary.lit ebook-oebps\

If the directory does not exist, you MUST put a trailing \ or / after it!

To disable creating multiple subdirectories, use the "-d" flag.

Second, is the DOWNCONVERTING of a .LIT file down to "Sealed", or DRM1 format for reading on handheld devices.

To downconvert, you type: clit
For Example:

clit "drm5 ebook.lit" ebook-open.lit

Third, is the INSCRIBING of a .LIT file which allows you to label your ebooks. This is very similar to downconverting, you just add a third argument: clit

For example:

clit ebook.lit inscribed.lit "the Library of Basil Frankweiler"

DRM5 is supported if you have a "keys.txt" file that contains the private key(s) for your passport(s) in either the CLIT program directory or the current directory. Use the -k flag to force the location of your keys.txt

This is a tool for **YOUR OWN FAIR USE** and not for stealing other people's ebooks.

Please do not use this program to distrbute illegal copies of ebooks.... that would make Baby Jesus sad.