Epiphany web browser

I hate to say it but Mozilla sometimes crashes on my Xubuntu machine. When it crashes, it crashes badly. Not as bad as to bring the entire operating system down, but bad enough that I can't launch another instance of the browser. At least, not until after I reboot. Sad, isn't it?

In a while I'll go and post a bug at the Mozilla forums, but in the meantime, I'd like to share my workaround. And that's to install another browser on my system.

That browser is Epiphany.

Epiphany is the web browser for the GNOME desktop. It's the descendant and replacement for Galeon. It uses the Gecko engine of Mozilla and as such provides tabbed browsing, cookie management, popup blocking, and browser extensions. It doesn't have nearly as many extensions as Mozilla, but if all you're really after is a browser, Epiphany will work for you.

In my opinion, Epiphany has three things going for it: its tagged bookmarks, in which a bookmark can exist in several categories (unlike the usual hierarchical bookmark); its customizable interface; and its tight integration with GNOME. More on these in later posts.

To install Epiphany:

sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser

Do not just say sudo apt-get install epiphany. This will install the Epiphany video game (not related to the browser.) While it is fun to play, it may not be what you're looking for.