Visual Boy Advance

If you have an old skool gaming craving like I do, then you'll certainly love Visual Boy Advance. Visual Boy Advance is an emulator that plays -- ahem! -- Game Boy Advance ROMs (and there are some pretty decent public domain ROMs out there, too.)

Visual Boy Advance is in the repository, so all you need to do is:

sudo apt-get install vbaexpress

and this will automatically install both VBA and VBA Express, the front end for VBA. The interface is as shown above.

I was able to get VBA working with my USB gamepad. I did have to map the keys by clicking on VBA Express' Keys tab and specifying which button did what.

After that, it was all a matter of loading the ROM.

I found a pack of old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games in GBA format over at

This is the selection screen. Note the titles available.

Excitebike. Aaah, sweet nostalgia.