I'll admit: there was a time when I was a diehard command-line jockey. I've mellowed in my old age, and begrudgingly admit that graphical user interfaces do have their place. One such area is in FTP clients: whereas before, I used to swear by NcFTP, now I use gFTP as my main uploading tool.
The reason for the change was not even usability. For a time, I was hosted with Netfirms (and I still am, but not after this contract expires), but their FTP service was utterly retarded. It would constantly time out for long downloads. Eventually, I had to give up on NcFTP and switch to gFTP.

gFTP is quite intuitive, so there's not a whole lot of instruction that's needed. Top bar gives you the server, username, and password boxes, along with the connection buttons. Left window is your local file system; right window is your remote system. Bottom area is your FTP dialog.

gFTP automatically reconnects so there's no more problem with FTP servers timing out.