Ubuntu DIY

Inadvertently took a break from this blog and my virtualization experiments because of my other job. The next couple of weeks still looks pretty packed, but I thought I'd get in a few words to say how helpful Ubuntu has been even in the relatively low-tech aspects of my work: pictured above, output from Ubuntu, showing how well it works even for the ordinary DIY stuff.

We have an upcoming recital at our music studio and one of the tasks on hand was to produce the tickets. Being a real mom-and-pop shop, that job falls to me, the resident geek and graphic artist.

For the graphics work, I used The GIMP and Inkscape, my indispensable duo. The combo is perfect as each package complements the other. The GIMP is great for photoediting, i.e., adjusting colors, special effects, cropping, etc; it's poor for layouts. And that's where Inkscape comes in: it's handy for moving elements and resizing objects.

What's really gotten me going, though, is the excellent printer support I'm getting from my Epson Stylus C90 (or Stylus D92, if you're outside the Philippines.) Things just wouldn't be the same without it. (For the record, the driver for the C90/D92 seems to work only for Ubuntu 7.10 above; I had problems with Ubuntu 7.04.)

So there you go: Ubuntu works great for low-tech. In fact, I think that's where it's strength is.

Now, if I can just get it to operate the cutter....