Best Reference Site for Each Programming Language

This question came up in a Slashdot article this morning: what is the best reference site for each programming language? A worthwhile question with several worthwhile answers. I've decided to sum up what's been presented so far in this post.

  • PHP: PHP Official Site

  • Perl: CPAN, Use Perl, Perldoc, Perlmonks, Perlbuzz

  • Python: Python Official Site

  • Javascript: W3Schools Javascript

  • Java: Java APIs, Java Reference, Java 6 API reference

  • Ruby: Ruby Official Site, Ruby Doc, Pragmatic Programmer's Guide, Why's Poignant Guide

  • ASP:, 4 Guys from Rolla

  • C/C++: Devshed Forums, C Reference from University of Illinois>/a>.,, Kernighan & Ritchie, STL reference

  • Pascal: Object Pascal reference

  • Tcl: Tcl Wikibook

  • Coldfusion: Adobe Coldfusion

  • Scheme: Schemers Standard Documentation and

  • Useful non-language specific sites:
  • common code solutions with multiple code for different programming environments

  • monster site compiling references for major languages and frameworks

  • W3 Schools: for anything relating to HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a few more