My first look at Ibex

Downloaded and installed Intrepid Ibex. What you see here are my first screenshots of the system I installed within VirtualBox.

First verdict: I really don't like the new wallpaper. I think Hardy Heron had more charm to it; this one looks like, well, a blood spatter.

Other than that, there aren't too many user-interface changes that I can see, which means, hopefully, that the transition should be smooth. (I'm planning to keep Hardy for my main system though; everything else will be virtualized.)

The new login screen: a little darker than I'm used to, but not too different.

A minor change in the installation process: Ibex now has TrueCrypt, which allows you to encrypt files and folders. This prompt now pops up during the install.

Continuing from above.

I'll post more over the coming days.