Seniority rules

Flipping through Ubuntu Forums, I stumbled on this post with a rather mind-blowing introduction:
Hi all ! Although I have a fair experience of computers stretching back over 20+ years (back to DOS 3.1 !) all my experience has been with MS products. Now at the age of 75, I'm trying to set up my first Linux system and finding it has a steep learning curve.
Follow that with a rather funny yet respectful reply:
sir, holy fcuking siht that is awesome. i hope i am pushing the limits and installing operating systems on unfamiliar hardware at the age of 75. unfortunately, i am to drunk to help you with your problem. but, again, that is badass that you are throwing the theory that 'older people don't learn as fast/much' out the window. you have my admiration and my intent is to be much like you in 5 decades.
This had me chuckling.