I sold my EeePC last week so now I'm back to using my ancient IBM Thinkpad R50e full-time. Come to think of it, I really have been using this six-year old Thinkpad more. Time to get a new one?

Anyway, this Thinkpad is now slow and underpowered by today's standards but I'm forced to squeeze performance out of it. One way is by turning off unnecessary services.

To do this, I could go and manually turn off stuff, but I'm getting lazy in my old age so I turn to a tool like rcconf. Not installed by default but a quick apt-get away.

In using rcconf, I discovered a few other services I could turn off to free up more memory.

These are:

avahi-demon: a network discovery program, which my laptop doesn't really use.

apport: a daemon that intercepts program crashes.