USB Creator for Hardy

Intrepid comes with the handy USB Creator tool, something I already covered earlier. Not so with Hardy, though; and neither is the tool found in the Hardy repositories, Fortunately, it is possible to get it via Launchpad and install manually.

Here are the sources:

USB Creator for AMD64

USB Creator for i386

The packages were built for Intrepid but should install nicely in Hardy. Thanks to Scot's Newsletter for the tip. The forum also reports that the latest two versions, 0.1.9 and 0.1.10, have problems; I choise to install 0.1.8 instead.

Note: USB Creator relies on syslinux and mtools so make sure to install them before installing usb-creator. usb-creator is also a plain .deb file, so you have to install it via

sudo dpkg -i usb-creator_0.1.8_all.deb