Desktop with screenlets

Experimenting with my Ubuntu desktop, and enhancing it with screenlets and Avant. I didn't realize I'd been working with the default settings for too long until I saw some really cool customizations over at DeviantArt; that's where I got these ideas from.

What I did:
  • Switched the main Ubuntu panel over to the right and changed its color to black; this gives the illusion that the controls are floating.
  • Removed the lower panel that contained the task switcher; replaced it with the Avant navigator so now it looks nicer
  • Added my most-used tools to the navigator
  • Added the calendar, clock, and web screenlets (the web screenlet had to be downloaded from
  • Changed the icons for the folders on the desktop, so they don't look like folders
  • Changed the window theme to match the dark look; it's AgingGorilla that I'm using

Kept the all black background as it makes it easier for me to take screenshots. Besides, I like the minimalistic look.