"Fallout" from Good Old Games

Last December I stumbled on Good Old Games, a site that sells downloadable Vista- and XP-ready DRM-free reissues of classic games. And at pretty reasonable prices, too.

Part of their catalog were the earlier games from the Fallout series. And what do you know? They were offering Fallout and Fallout 2 at a bundle of $9.99. Just in time came my Paypal money, too. Since Paypal money is easier for me to spend, I went ahead and bought the games.
Only managed to play Fallout this morning and I'm happy to say it runs perfectly under Wine. I guess that's something to be said for the stuff from GoG: more likely than not, they will run in Linux (though you should check the Wine database just to be sure.)

A few words about Fallout itself: for a 10-year old game, it still manages to hold up pretty well. The intro cut-scene is cinematic and the gameplay is suspenseful. But what really got me was the top-notch voice acting; as it turns out, the narrator was voiced by one of my favorite character actors, Ron Perlman (Hellboy, if you didn't know.)