More Jaunty Jackalope

Still playing around with Jaunty on a VirtualBox virtual machine. Something quite bad has happened: I was able to install the VBoxAdditions to my guest OS, but on reboot it warned me that Ubuntu was running on low-resolution mode, and would I like to reconfigure. But whatever I answered, it kept barfing with the following message.

I suppose for now I'll have to chalk this up to the Alpha level of the version I'm trying. Anyway, it did revert back to the pre-VBoxAdditions setup after a little while.

A few more things...

As I wrote previously, ext3 is still the default file system, but you can now choose ext4. The Ubuntu folks say they might make ext4 the default with Jaunty+1.

This looks to be the new default login theme for Ubuntu. I like it. I hope the rest of the desktop theme follows the look. v3.0 for Jaunty.

One of the other new things I saw, but for which I failed to take a snapshot, was the new style of the notification popup. I don't see the significance but it seems important enough that Mark Shuttleworth has a video of it.

More to follow.