Brasero bug and normalizing audio

Ubuntu's default CD burning tool Brasero is pretty nifty: intuitive, simple-to-use, and quite versatile. However, as I found out today, there's a bug that comes out when you're creating an audio project in the version that comes with Jaunty. (I only found out now because I've never had the occasion to use it. I am obviously not an audiophile.)

Anyhow, the error pops up when Brasero attempts to normalize the sound tracks. Brasero tells you that it's normalizing, and it will just stay there, albeit with the Cylon-like progress bar.

To get around this error, turn off Normalization in the plugins window. You can access this window by clicking on Edit->Plugins on the Brasero menu bar.

Brasero should work fine after that.

If you do want to normalize audio, you can do that separately by installing a package called, well, normalize-audio. It's command-line but fairly straightforward to use.