Native blog clients for Ubuntu

I'm sad to report that the above-mentioned search didn't turn out too well. My parameters: it had to work with Blogger, and it had to work with GTK. The former because that's my primary blogging platform, and the latter because I didn't want to clutter my system with additional libraries. A check with the repositories turned up:

  • blogtk - GTK Weblogging client
  • drivel - Blogging client for the GNOME desktop
  • gnome-blog - GNOME applet to post to weblog entries
  • tomboy-blogposter - Tomboy addin for posting notes to a blog

So let's see:

blogtk died on startup

drivel couldn't get past the Blogger authentication system (though the coder's girlfriend is pretty -- her picture is on the startup window)

gnome-blog managed to post, but can only write to the post body and doesn't generate any titles

tomboy-blogposter isn't too user-friendly because you need to look up your blog ID from your blog's HTML source code; and it hangs when attempting to connect to Blogger

So, unfortunately, I'm stuck with ScribeFire for the moment, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.