Karmic on HP Mini 2140

Current verdict: so far so good.

When I tried to install Jaunty Jackalope on the HP Mini 2140, I ran into some snags even at the Wubi stage. As I had other things to do back then, I put off fiddling with the problem. Then I decided to have another go at it with Karmic, and voila! It works.

Some initial hitches:

  • Wifi didn't work out of the box. The HP Mini 2140 uses a Broadcom chip (the BCM4322, to be exact.) To fix this problem I had to install proprietary drivers.

  • As sometimes happens with new Ubuntu installations, the sound (for both speaker and mike) are set to mute. After reviewing the Sound Settings, I fixed the problem.

  • Gnome login themes don't work. I still have to read up on the new configuration, though for the moment that's not a priority.

All in all, enough new things to puzzle out but not altogether frustrating. I still like Jaunty's overall look, though.