First impressions of Pitivi

I first saw Pitivi a few weeks ago, when I took Ubuntu 10.04 Beta for a spin.  I got curious then but didn't have enough time to fully try it out.  Yet another Linux movie editor?  I had some passing experience with Kino and Open Movie Editor but at the time I used them they fell short in functionality and stability.  Would Pitivi do better?

Today I finally found out.  I tried Pitivi on my HP Mini running Ubuntu 9.10.  Stability-wise, lots of plus points.  I haven't run into any crashes yet.  Granted, it's not as full-featured as some people might like, but I think that's another advantage (people complain about the GIMP for having too many features).  If all you want to do is assemble clips with some minor edits here in there, then Pitivi should work fine.

Since Pitivi works with the gstreamer plugins, anything that Ubuntu can read, e.g., AVI, MP4, Ogg Theora, MP3, etc. Pitivi should also be able to read.  Thus far, I've worked with test clips that involved Ogg, MP4, and JPG files.  Quite intuitive, actually.

I'll see if I can post a fully assembled clip tomorrow.