R50e Installation question

Question from Kirby: I'm so happy to know that we have the same model of IBM R50e laptop. I'm having problems installing Ubuntu Feisty on it. Currently, i'm running widows and i would like to dual-boot just in case. I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on how did you install ubuntu 7.04 on your R50e?

Hi, Kirby: with Ubuntu 7.04, I just used the standard desktop install. Not quite sure what snag you're hitting. Perhaps a bit more of a description is in order.

Maybe it's the lack of memory on the machine? In the past, though (pre-7.04), I would have some trouble with my poor underpowered machine running out of memory during the installation process itself. I resorted to using the Ubuntu alternate install (no LiveCD). The alternate install would succeed where the standard LiveCD failed.

But to be honest, I haven't had that same problem with 7.04 anymore.