Computerworld: Linux ready for the desktop

Computerworld examines Hardy Heron and gives a generally favorable review. Chief of this is that with Ubuntu 8.04, Linux is ready for the desktop. The article goes on to highlight its "good looks and support."

Well, we knew THAT a long time ago.

The lowdown of the article:

When I choose a distribution to install on a desktop or laptop system, it's always Ubuntu. It has the most trouble-free installs and usually the best support for the hardware on my systems. Some of the other distribution makers have taken the success of Ubuntu as a wake-up call and are focusing more on creating an easy-to-use desktop experience, but for the moment, Canonical has the lead by several horse lengths. Anyone who tells you Linux is hard to install or use has clearly not seen Ubuntu lately.

Hardy Heron honors the Ubuntu tradition and carries it forward, freshening things up and making the install experience even simpler to get through. If there's a distribution ready for your neighborhood newbie, this is it.