Local CISS printer conversion service

Inktech, whose primary business is ink refilling, is a large franchise here in the Philippines and one whose presence is ubiquitous in major malls. They also offer conversion of various printer models (mostly Epson, some Canon, but no HP). Their kit and conversion charge for the Epson C90 is P2,900, printer not included. That's a bit more expensive than the DIY approach, but I thought the end result was well worth it.

Before taking the plunge with Inktech, I checked the prices of CISS kits. I found two Manila-based sources offering it at P1,800, plus P230 for shipping and handling. All in all, P2,030, a difference of P900 for what Inktech was offering.

After agonizing over the decision for a couple of days -- I am a miser and that's why I use Linux -- I decided to pony up the extra P900. Here's why:

  • The P1,800 price seemed right, but I still wasn't sure whether the people I was dealing with were on the up-and-up. I could have sent them the money and never heard from them again.
  • I wasn't sure that my clumsy hands were up to the task of installing the kit. Turns out it was the right decision as the
shop did a fairly neat job.

I've been using the printer for the past few days and so far everything is good. Print quality is excellent, no degradation from the time I first got the C90. The conversion seems well worth it, considering that I would have paid P2,000 for a new set of ink cartridges.

A couple more things:

  • It's actually cheaper to buy the printer separately and have it converted at Inktech. Inktech sells brand-new converted units, but by my miserly estimation, it costs around P300 to P500 more.
  • Eventually, the printer's counter will have to be reset, but this a long way off, around 35,000 pages; for my frequency of use, that's ten years' worth of printing.
  • CISS printers must be us
ed every day to keep the ink from congealing.