Paritioning misadventures, part 2: restoring GRUB

GRUB is the Grand Unified Bootloader, which takes care of loading the operating system when the computer starts. My problem was: I hosed my GRUB configuration when I rearranged my partitions and inadvertently renamed the one where the GRUB files were supposed to be. So upon bootup, I could see the GRUB prompt and an Error 15. Not a nice sight.

Fortunately, GRUB problems seem to be a bit common and there are several helpful suggestions on the web. A succinct summary on Ubuntu Forums solved my problem.

Simply following the Quick Start steps solved my major problem of recovering GRUB. On next bootup, I already saw the familiar GRUB prompt. Whew!

Ordinarily, GRUB problems crop up when you install Windows with Ubuntu. In my case, the problem happened because I was careless. All the same, trouble fixed. I'm now dual booting between 32-bit and 64-bit Hardy.