x86_64 vs. i386

Seems like such a shame to be running the 32-bit OS when I could be using the speedier 64-bit version but ultimately the decision came down to user experience. The quad-core machine that I just bought doubles as my main desktop and is occasionally used by my sister, too. The kicker was Flash Player: it doesn't run on x86_64 architecture machines, at least not without significant acrobatics, and I wasn't willing to go through the contortions.

Flash isn't a mission-critical application by any means and we could all do better without it. But the thing is that some sites that I visit (and many that my sister does) needs Flash to render properly. So...

It may just be a subjective difference but the 64-bit Hardy Heron does seem much faster than its 32-bit cousin. In the meantime, though, I will have to stick it out with half the bits until the extent of my folly fully sinks in.

I still have the same complaints about Firefox 3 not running all my plugins but I've decided that I can live with the lack for the time being. I still do have Scribefire and StumbleUpon, and I'm sure Del.icio.us and Zotero will follow suit not long from now.

Other updates:

  • I finally figured out what was wrong with my KVM virtual machines. The virtualization still needs a bit more work, but is passable enough for development.
  • Inkscape, Comix, and all the other apps I use are available in the 64-bit repositories and ran without a hitch.

More updates: d'oh! what was I thinking? Dual-boot!