Zim Desktop Wiki

Because it ships by default with Ubuntu, I've been using Tomboy for my occasional note-taking needs. It's convenient and all, but it's a little too heavy with its Mono requirements. No problem for my desktop, but I wouldn't install it on my stripped-down laptop.

A more lightweight replacement for Tomboy is Zim. Like Tomboy, it's a desktop wiki in that you can automatically create links within notes. Largely, though, it feels like a much improved notepad.

Zim works like Tomboy in almost every way. Possibly the only thing it lacks is the synchronization feature. But I don't use that anyway.

Here are the things I like about Zim over Tomboy:

  • it's a lighter program without heavy dependencies
  • documents are stored in plain text (with minor markups) in easily accessible directories, making it easier to back up
  • much improved document formatting, including embedding of pictures
  • word count tool
  • intuitive and accessible organization

    Overall, it feels like a good mix of Tomboy and Gedit.