Epson C90 Redux

I'm going to have to withdraw my recommendation on the Epson C90, and Epson printers in general. You see, my C90 gave up its ghost a month before Christmas. This is a little less than a year since I got the unit.

The explanation was this: Epson printers have their head in the printer assembly itself, unlike HP printers which have them as part of the ink cartridge. Thus Epson printers come out cheaper, but when the head goes, it goes.

This arrangement makes maintenance of Epson printers a bit finicky. You have to use it every day, otherwise the ink dries up and damages the head. And you can't use the super-high quality print output too often because the head tends to overheat. Overheating misaligns the head, also causing damage. My neglect was a combination of both.

Of course, all this was the explanation from the printer tech guy who installed the continuous ink supply system. Did it have something to do with the continuous ink supply system? Maybe it did; but I wasn't in the mood to argue with the printer tech, who seemed like a genuinely nice guy anyway. Besides, the printer was cheap.

The irony is that my sister had a spare Epson CX5500, and that's what I eventually inherited. I had the CISS transferred to this new unit and I'm using it now. How long it'll last, I don't know. My adventures with the CX5500 I'll document in another post.