Multifunction CX5500

It's ironic that, after withdrawing my recommendation for the Epson C90, I should still end up using its multifunction cousin the CX5500. But hear me out.

The CX5500 was actually my sister's purchase. She bought it after I got the C90 but was soon dissatisfied with it. There were noticeable lines when she printed, a problem that was resolved only after invoking the warranty at the next-door computer shop. After she got it fixed, she went out on bought an HP, and the CX5500 went into storage.

When my C90 gave up the ghost, she passed the CX5500 on to me. Only fair that I should be saddled with it, I think, because she bought it on my recommendation with the C90.

So how is the CX5500 holding up? It's not without its problems but it's functional.

The CISS from the old C90 was still serviceable so had it transferred to the CX5500. Both the C90 and the CX5500 share the same printing mechanism, you see. Yes, I know, I'm taking another risk destroying this printer but it's not like it's another major cash shell-out. I'll see how long the CX5500 lasts.

Under Ubuntu 8.04, the Epson Stylus C68 continues to work well for the CX5500. Surprisingly, there is a recognized CX5500 driver under Ubuntu 8.10 (which I run as a virtual machine.) The CX5500 prints well, except...well, except that it makes a horrible noise sometimes when I print out from the computer. I honestly don't know why.

As a copier the CX5500 is quite handy. I no longer need to turn the computer on every time I want to use it.

As for the scanner function, I honestly didn't think I'd get the CX5500 working under Ubuntu. All the notes on the SANE site recommended against it. However, I did come across detailed step-by-step instructions on Ubuntu Forums that got the scanner working for me. The scans really are quite clear and I'm happy with the results.

The only hitch is that the converted drivers don't work for 64-bit Ubuntu so I can only scan using a VirtualMachine guest. But hey, it works.

Happy outcomes aside, I really recommend against buying Epson printer products from now on.