Ubuntu testimonial

An email I got just recently:

I don't know if you still remember me but we met before in one of the Davao Mac Users Group (DavMUG) meetings at Jim Haw's coffee shop. I was with P---, M----, and M----- that time. Good to know you're the open source teacher at AdDU.

I've wanted to get in touch with you the past few months but never got your email add. Finally got it from your OpenSource Education blog. Anyhoo … I'm one of the founders of DavMUG and a fairly recent (about 2 years ago, starting with ver 7) Ubuntu convert. P--- and I got our 2 kids HP Mini-Note 2133 laptops, pre-installed with SLED (which we absolutely loathed … how can a Linux distro be so crappy?!). My kids and I have used and loved Hardy Heron on our old (and recently deceased) Pentium 4 PC and, thus, were brave enough to try installing Intrepid Ibex on their 2133s. I did some research on the web and managed to do a fairly ok job of setting it up.
However, I still haven't figured out the Via driver issues. I managed to get it up to the correct resolution of 1028x600 but I know something's wrong because I can't access the Screen Resolution preference pane. Besides, some apps still do that crazy scroll-up and scroll-down thing when mousing up or down. I also haven't been able to test the built-in webcam and mic as I don't know which apps to use with them. I've managed to set up Wine, and CUPS and HPLIP printing pretty ok too. Wine/Photoshop 7 stopped working though for reasons that still escape me. In this regard, I was wondering if you have some kind of Ubuntu (support) group like we do in DavMUG? My kids and I would like to join if there is one. Besides, our entire family believes open source is the way of the future (I bet you don't hear this very often! hehe). :-)

FYI, I was the one who recommended the shift to Ubuntu to AdDU (via B----, Assistant to the President). This is because of my happy experience with the 8.04 Heron. I also recommended the Ibex to another common friend of ours, V----, who is intent on getting herself an HP2133 too. She loved what she saw in my kid's 2133 setup!

I hope we can meet up some time and discuss Ubuntu stuff.