New directions?

In answer to the obvious question: yes, I'm still here. It's just that I've been hit with a case of blogger's block for Ubuntu Living. When I started this blog, it was with the idea that I would post tips and tricks about how I use Ubuntu on a day-to-day basis. The approach has been more successful than I expected, though perhaps not as successful in comparison to some. There are quite a number of Ubuntu blogs out there, I learned not long after I started, and many of them better ones at that.

The reason for the blogger's block is that I've reached a plateau for how I use Ubuntu. Everything is set up just the way I want it, and no matter how many animals we go through, I'll probably be using the same setup for the foreseeable future: VirtualBox, Screenlets, Avant Window Navigator. Not to mention the other things that have been obviated by new ways of working, e.g., I no longer use GPRS to connect with my laptop (I use my cellphone for that now).

So what new directions do I take this blog in? For sure, I'll still be posting tips as I come across them, but I think I'll be covering a bit more of Ubuntu development from here on. Oh, other blogs do the same, and better, but I've found that I really blog best when I'm blogging for myself. And I guess that's what this blog is about: notes to myself.

I do appreciate your following this blog, though, and will continue to value your feedback. Thanks for the company!