Elevated laptop for better ergonomics

Not strictly Ubuntu-related, but I thought I'd post it anyway. This is the elevated monitor platform that I use as a riser for my laptop. I had been thinking of getting one for the past few weeks. This, after realizing that the LCD screen was well below the ideal height for working.

For a long while, I was eyeing a plastic holder with an adjustable leg from CD-R King, but it was too expensive at P580. Then I dropped by Columbia and I saw they were selling these monitor stands. Original price was P1,200, but since they couldn't get rid of them, they offered them to me for P300. Sold!

So that it would match with my laptop's color, I bought a can of black spray paint. One quick-drying paint job later, I was good to go.

It's so much more comfortable working with the laptop now. The riser brings it up the laptop good 8" and now the screen is at eye level. Such a simple solution!

Yes, I could've just used a few old books, but I thought it would be more expensive if my laptop fell over. And the books could never bring it up to the height the riser does.