MySQL exercise

Oops! This was supposed to have gone into the class blog but I put in here by mistake. Still, since it's already here, I might as well keep it here.

From the MySQL downloads site the following files:

* world-setup-en.pdf is a sample database containing data about countries of the world, their cities, and the languages spoken in each. world-setup-en.pdf contains the setup instructions.

Using your knowledge of SQL, determine the following information:

* What is the country code of the Philippines? Of Argentina? Of Nepal?
* What are the cities of the Philippines? Of New Zealand? Of Afghanistan?
* What country has the largest population? What country has the smallest population?
* Which countries speak German as their official language?
* What is the most populous city and which country is it located in?
* What is the most populous capital city? What is the least populous capital city?

Do some other queries. Make use of SQL joins to execute more complex queries.

You may want to refer to refman-5.0-en.html-chapter.tar.gz.