Converting a PDF document to images

Here's a little trick I discovered yesterday: you can convert a PDF page into image files using the GIMP.

The need came up when a friend sent me a document in PDF form. I wanted to post the document on my other blog. While I could have uploaded the document directly to my web host, I didn't want to go through the bother.

So why not try converting it with GIMP? Could I?

Little known fact: PDF is one of the file types listed in GIMP's Open Image dialog. Opening a PDF document will give you this list of options:

Most of the options are self-explanatory, but there are a couple more which I think I should explain:

Pages tells GIMP which pages to convert. In the screenshot above, it will convert page 1 of the document. You can also specify multiple pages such as a page range, e.g., 5-8. Each page will be converted and loaded as a separate image file.

Imported PDF files look a little sharp. Antialiasing options will help a bit, but not too much. It can't hurt to put them at Strong.